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Show the newest, most popular or trending products in different places in your shop to entice customers to buy even more. This can be done with the recommendations module. You can fully customize them based on your business rules. This way you decide which products deserve some extra attention and where in your shop you want to showcase them. The module consists of two parts: highlighted products and up- and cross selling.

Personal merchandising

Take your merchandising to the next level! In the Personal Merchandising module, you choose the composition of your sorting. In the visual tool, you drag & drop your conditions and create your own grid. For example, you can choose to always put 'best sold', in the second position, 'highest stock' in the fourth position, and so on. It is even possible to personalize the grid for each user. Duplicate products are automatically removed.

Personal recommendations

Your visitors are looking for everything and nothing, but if you recommend them in advance, everything goes a lot faster. With the Personal recommendations module, you give your customers recommendations based on their previous behavior. By means of algorithms and rules that you can set up yourself, you can give targeted recommendations. Even in the current session, users can already receive personalized proposals. You can also easily integrate this module in mailings.

E-mail integration

Give your visitors the feeling that you're really doing something with their interests! The different personalization functionalities are all applicable in mailings. For example, you can place a row of recommended products at the bottom of your newsletter based on what the visitor last viewed in your webshop. In any case, you choose your own rules for displaying suggestions.

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Starting from € 1350 /month

By cleverly selecting products from your range, the Recommended Recommendations package really gets you started. The conversion enhancing quality of good recommendations will make your shop even better than it already was! One more step and you're there. By personalizing your shop you'll combine the power of all the features so that your shop is in top shape.

Do you want the highest possible conversion rates?

The Premium Personalization level gives you the tools to offer your customers a personalized feed and recommendations for the ultimate shopping experience.

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This table shows you which features you will be using at this level by default.

Products standard included up to
Number of imported SKU/products
Categories standard included up to
Number of imported categories
Updates standard included up to p/m
Number of monthly updates
Incrementele updates
Use the back-end API to update incrementally
Incremental updates standard included up to p/m
Site Search
Instant search
Klanten krijgen al tijdens het typen zoekresultaten te zien.
Search API
Our advanced Search API can be used on all platforms and will give you the possibility to get the best out of your search.
Typo tolerance (Autocorrection)
The algorithm solves typos in a smart way.
Set up synonyms for terms such as 'couch - sofa'.
Manage algorithms
Manage your search algorithm for the best results.
Let your customers search in various languages.
Search banners
Show custom banners for certain search queries, such as a brand.
Finish the search phrase based on wisdom of the crowd.
Dynamic redirects
Redirect your visitors to a category or another page.
Content search
Let your visitors land on the right page if they search for it.
All listerpages
The Merchandising options work on all your lister pages.
Sorting rule builder
Set up your own sorting rules based on properties.
Sorting templates
Compile sorting rules on templates and use them in your categories.
(Smart) Facets & filters
Sort filters and filter values based on usage.
Visual Merchandising
Position products on top of a category to push sales.
Guided Selling
Lead your visitors to the right product using a dialog based on properties.
Featured products
Highlight special products in galleries throughout your shop.
Up- & cross-selling
Show additional or alternative products for the current product.
Business rule builder
Compile recommendation rules based on sorting rules.
Manual featured products
Manually choose specific products for your recommendation galleries.
Personal Merchandising
Make your lister pages dynamic by adding components based on sorting options: last viewed, based on previously bought, certain brands or properties and more.
€ 500
Personal feed
Your shopping page will turn into a dynamic feed, social media-style, in which your customers’ behaviour and interests are integrated.
€ 250
Personal Recommendations
Toon recommendations op basis van het gedrag van je bezoekers. 'Voor jou geselecteerd'
€ 250
Personal E-mail Recommendations
Use your compiled recommendations in newsletters.
€ 500
Data improvement
Attribute mapping
Use various types of derived properties to improve your data quality.
SQL queries
Write your own SQL queries to improve your data quality.
Google Analytics connection
Connect with Google Analytics to retrieve your data and use it in your merchandising.
External data sources
Import external data to use in your sorting formula and more.
DMP/CDP Connection
This option can only be custom-made.
Demo shop
Use the demo shop for debugging all modules.
Search phrases
Insights into search queries in your shop and which algorithms yielded results or not. Apply filters such as date, category and more.
Facets & Filters
Insights into the usage of all filters per category.
Insights into the number and the type of requests in a certain period.
Insights into all different tasks.
FAQ environment
OOnline support environment with articles, best practices and videos.
E-mail support
Mail us for all your questions and issues.
Phone Support
Reach us on the telephone during work hours.
Online user training
Become a Tweakwise expert by following the online user training, and learn how to make the most of Tweakwise.
Dedicated Customer Succes Manager
Your own regular Customer Success Manager as a contact. They will look at possible optimizations for your setup periodically, keep you updated on any relevant developments and proactively propose growth opportunities.
Biannual check-up with your CSM to look at performance compared to benchmark, quick wins and information on new modules and features.
1x /year
Standard SLA
Online and technical support during office hours, status monitoring on status page, respond time based on best effort at normal priority and within 8 hours at high priority. Uptime 99,8%.
Extended SLA
Online and technical support during office hours, reachable be emergency line outside office hours, status monitoring on status page and health API, respond time within 8 hours at normal priority and within 4 hours at high priority. Uptime 99,8%.
You will get 1 production environment by default.
It's possible to add an acceptance environment. An ACC is nearly identical to production regarding data imports and publications.
It's also possible to add a testing environment, which will only let you update your data in the night.
It's also possible to add a development environment, which will only be able to be updated manually.
Task manager
Module for managing all your tasks. For example, importing and publishing data, importing Google Analytics data or other external data sources. Triggers and such are managed here.
Tweakwise can be connected to any platform because we use REST APIs.
API implementation
Implementation is done based on various REST APIs. You can find them all on
.JS implementation
Implementation is done based on a Javascript. It comes with default styling, and optional custom-made styling can be added.
Fonts are adjusted to your shop's fonts.
Colors are adjusted to your shop's fonts.
Page size
Page size is adjusted to your shop's page size.
Filters (checkbox, color box, slider)a
Styling of filters is adjusted to your shop's, where possible.
You may add additional custom styling. For example to copy the styling of your product cards.
Do you want the highest possible conversion rates?

The Premium Personalization level gives you the tools to offer your customers a personalized feed and recommendations for the ultimate shopping experience.

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