About Tweakwise

Tweakwise is the #1 in personalized site search, merchandising and recommendations! Over 200 e-commerce businesses have made their conversion rates rise with more than 16% by using Tweakwise! Our innovative package of SaaS solutions gives you full control over all aspects of your shop. Get a demo now to see how it works!

Used by leading online retailers

Tweakwise provides a smart tool that optimizes search, navigation, merchandising, and personalization in webshops. Tweakwise is used by over 200 leading e-tailers and contributes to a revenue of over €4 billion, spread over 20 different countries. We measure a structural conversion rate increase of over 16% conversion rate on our customers' shops.

Standard plugins

We provide standard extensions suited for Magento, .NET, Intershop, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Hybris. This ensures a quick implementation in your shop! Check the platforms page to see which platforms we support. Tweakwise is completely suitable for integration with all websites, apps, in-store applications, and responsive design.

Software as a service

We follow the Software as a Service (SaaS) principle, which means that our products are always being developed so that our supply always meets the current demand. An example of this is our API link with Google Analytics. Search results, ranking, and navigation will automatically adjust to the optimal configuration based on customer behavior. This feature gives us a unique position on the market.

In control of your shop

Tweakwise stands for good software for boosting your e-commerce results. Giving our customers full control over their shop has always been our core principle so that users are independent of developers. Besides, our system allows you to adjust your course in real-time based on statistics, reporting, and external data.

Data quality

Tweakwise helps you organize your data using the unique Derived properties module. Choose from various methods to render your data more compact, comprehensible, and transparent. Use the new properties in your merchandising, sorting, and more. Your visitors will find what they're looking for even faster! You will not be needing any other systems for optimizing your data.

Demo shop

Applying new filter templates, derived properties, and sorting rules to your webshop can be a bit of a daunting task. The demo shop is there to help. View your Tweakwise changes in a stripped-down version of your shop to see only the changes you made in Tweakwise! Debug and test all of your edits, check the search algorithm logs, and more.


At Tweakwise, you will get your very own personal Customer Success Manager who will proactively be involved with the success of your Tweakwise-configuration and lead you through cool new features and optimization possibilities!

Support environment

You will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions, best practices for your configuration and implementation assistance in our support environment!

Privacy Policy

We're careful with your data. However, we do want to inform you about what happens to your data that we collect on this site, our Support platform and in Tweakwise Navigator.

Read our Privacy Policy
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