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Tweakwise develops innovative software solutions focused on the optimization of conversion on e-commerce websites. Our founders have many years of experience with e-commerce and retail, working with prominent companies in their field. Tweakwise is currently the Dutch market leader in the field of search, navigation, merchandising, and personalization technology. All our software finds it origin in practicing with e-tailers and sharing knowledge with these stakeholders. Because of that, all our solutions have a focus on customer service, user friendliness and problem solving. The experiences of our clients are directive in the further development of our product range.  

Used by leading online retailers

With Navigator, Tweakwise provides a smart tool that optimizes the searching, navigation, and merchandizing for your e-commerce website. Because this tool is currently used by many leading online retailers of their field, it contributes to a revenue of over more than 4 billion, divided over 20 different countries. We measure a structural raise of over 15% conversion rate with our clients.

Powered by Netivity

Tweakwise is part of the Netivity Group. For over 20 years Netivity has been specialized in developing and managing large and complex e-commerce platforms. We develop and use our own framework. Currently, the Netivity Group serves 35% of the Twinkle top 100. This list contains the most high-end e-commerce companies in the Netherlands.

Standard plugins

We provide standard extensions suited for Magento, .NET, Intershop, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Hybris. This ensures a quick integration within the platform. Matching with other prominent platforms will follow shortly. Further on is Navigator completely suitable for integration with all website, apps, instore applications, and responsive design.

Software as a service

At Tweakwise, we follow the principle of ‘software as a service’ with developing our product range. This ensures that we always follow the current demand. An example of this is the API link with Google Analytics. In addition, we have developed a concept of personalization of search results. Search results, ranking and navigation will automatically adjust to the optimal configuration based on customer behavior. This feature gives us a unique position on the market.

Keep in control

At Tweakwise we believe in the strength and added value of excellent software solutions to improve e-commerce results. We believe it is fundamental that our clients are in control and aren’t dependent on tech guys for optimization. We also believe that we need to make it possible to adjust parameters in real-time based on current statistics and reports. Because of that, Navigator consists of an advanced management environment which is unique in the current market. Recently, we have been the subject of a due diligence, where we have been compared to competing solutions. We have been elected as the best SaaS-solution.

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We're careful with your data. However, we do want to inform you about what happens to your data that we collect on this site, our Support platform and in Tweakwise Navigator.

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