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Tweakwise Navigator is used by renowned players on the online market, active in 20 countries and 16 languages. As of now, over 200 leading e-tailers use our software. Combined, their turnover is over 4 billion. Below is a selection of our references. 


Gerjan Horstra

travelbags | Owner

''I like to keep a grip on the process. To understand and be able to adjust when needed. With Tweakwise, it's made very easy for me. Tweakwise does the things automatically that I used to do manually, and even does them better. We never could have developed things so well ourselves. I would have used Tweakwise, even if it didn't lead to a direct increase in turnover. It makes work better and simpler.''

Geert-Jan Smits

Flinders | CEO

''Tweakwise is a huge help in making Flinders' large product range more relevant. The search feature works very well for us. We can see this directly in our conversion rates and our turnover. The people behind Tweakwise are nice to work with as well.''

Mitchel Oude Nijhuis

Kees Smit | E-commerce & Marketing Director

''Thanks to Tweakwise, we're able to present our garden furniture range the right way. The co-operation and quick switching makes it so that we can be even more relevant to our demographic and we're ready for the garden furniture season every year.''

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