Data quality

When everything at your webshop works the way it should, it’s a smooth, user-friendly platform where everyone likes to do their shopping. Tweakwise Navigator gives you a few handy tools to make sure the process runs smoothly and is clear for your customers and you. 

Data improvement

Your products have a wide variety of attributes and values. It might not always be so easy to make a neat list of filter values from your huge pile of data. Tweakwise Navigator offers a solution with its one of a kind Derived values module. You can choose different solutions to make your data more compact, understandable and transparent. Your customers will find it easier to find what they’re looking for! You’ll no longer need an additional system to optimize your data.

Create new values

Within the Derived values module, you’ll choose from different methods to restructure your data. There is a way of improving your data for every value. Combine, split, and tweak your filter values to create clarity! The derived values you’ll create will be available in all other Navigator modules like any other filter value. That means you can easily use them for filter templates, sorting rules and other purposes. Because of the SQL query feature you’ll be able to adjust the sorting to your liking.

Demo shop

Adding filter templates, derived values and sorting rules. Implementing these changes to your e-commerce store can get tense. The Demo shop feature is there to keep you calm and collected. In the Demo shop you’ll have an overview of how your filtering and sorting works after the changes you made in Navigator.

Testing functionality

The demo shop will only show the changes you made through Tweakwise Navigator. Adjustments from other platforms won’t be shown in here. The Demo shop is a very useful platform for debugging issues and testing new algorithms.

Which growth phase?

The demo shop feature is a part of all packages.

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