Take control of the order of your products using the Merchandising module. Set up sorting options and compile sorting templates. Help your visitors to find the most relevant products easily and influence the conversion of your shop. Up to 90 percent of your visitors use your category pages. That's why it's very important to use the wisdom of the crowd effectively in sorting your products. The result is a strong increase in conversion rates!


Our Merchandising is advanced, yet easy to use. Create your own sorting algorithms using interesting parameters such as conversion rates, new products, sales, stock, margin or ratings. Set up different sorting templates by compiling multiple sorting options. Determine which sorting template suits each category the best.

Push products automatically

In addition to all the possibilities for setting up sorting options, you may want to push certain products during a certain time period because they will appear in a newsletter, for example. Tweakwise Navigator allows you to set up that these products are shown prominently for a certain amount of time. After this period, the products will move back to their original spot.

Push products manually

You can manually push products easily in our Visual Merchandiser. This module allows you to choose which products should be shown at the top of each category, under which sorting options. This is easily done using drag & drop. The chosen products will stay on their spot at the top until you take them out of the Visual Merchandiser.

Personal merchandising

Level up your merchandising! The Personal Merchandising module allows you to choose the composition of your sorting. Drag and drop your conditions in the visual tool to create your own grid. For example, you can choose to always show 'best selling' in the first position, 'new product' in the second position and so on. You can even personalize the grid for every user. Duplicates will not be shown. This module creates a very dynamic and up-to-date category page that updates automatically.


Help your customers find what they're looking for as quickly as possible with the Filtering module. Speed and efficiency are everything to your shopping visitor. Using the filters that you created, they will be able to funnel your product range very quickly. They'll find their desired product straight away and your conversion will skyrocket!

Each category gets its own filter template

Every product category needs its own filter template. What might be a good filter for pants, might be totally wrong for shoes. So create filter templates in the Filtering module and link them to the right category. Use our smart, elaborate reports about the use of filtering when you're setting up your filter templates to make them match with your customers' demands.

Choose the right design

In the Tweakwise Navigator environment, you're the one in charge. You'll determine which filter templates to show and how to make them work. Choose from checkboxes, sliders, color boxes, and links. Set up whether the properties should be collapsible or collapsed and if users can use multi-select.

Guided Selling

Make the choice easy for your customers using the Guided Selling module. By asking your visitors questions, you'll help them through the filtering process. Each question narrows the selection until your customer gets the most relevant suggestions. The result of the guide is a selection of products in a comparison or a funnel. These focused product selections are a good stimulation for unsure customers to make their choice and place an order.

You're in charge!

With Tweakwise Navigator, you're in charge of every module. The Merchandising module is straightforward. Create your own sorting options using interesting parameters such as: conversion rates, sales, stock, margin and ratings. Next, set up sorting templates by merging various sorting options. Determine the right sorting template for each category and you're done!

Which growth phase?

The Merchandising module is a part of the Growth and Industry leader phases. You'll be using the Personal merchandising features in the Industry leader phase.

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