An important step towards maximizing your conversion is personalization. By collecting data on your visitors' behaviour you can offer them a personal experience that will contribute to increasing your conversion. Personalization is found in different modules in the Industry leader package.

Personal merchandising

Take your merchandising to a new level! The Personal merchandising module allows you to choose the compilation of your sorting. Create your own sorting grid by draggin and dropping conditions in the visual tool. You could place 'best sellers' on the second position, 'new products' on the fourth position and so on. This creates a dynamic grid that doesn't interfere with the default sorting. You can even create personal grids for every user. Duplicates are deleted automatically.

Personal recommendations

Your visitors search for a lot of products, but what if you start recommending the products that they need before they even search for them? The Personal recommendations module offers your customers recommendations based on their past behaviour. You'll recommend the right products using machine learning and rules that you can set up yourself. Users will even recieve personalized recommendations in their current session. This module is easily integrated in mailings.

E-mail integration

Let your visitors know you take their interests seriously! All our different personalisation features are applicable in mailings. This means you could, for example, place a row of recommended products in your newsletter, based on their last viewed products. In any case, it's your rules that determine which recommendations are shown.

You're in charge!

With Tweakwise Navigator, you're in charge of every module. You call the shots to determine in which ways recommendations will be personalized for your customers. Tweak all the variables exactly the way you want!

Which growth phase?

The Personalization module is a part of the Industry leader package. Get your tweak on for a personal experience for your visitors!

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