Show your newest, fanciest or most popular products in various positions throughout your shop to seduce your customers into buying more. The Recommendations module allows you to do this, using your business rules to set up the recommendations. This lets you determine which products need some extra attention and where to show them. The module consists of two components: highlighted products and up and cross selling.

Highlighted products

Bestsellers, new products or trend setting products deserve a prominent spot in your webshop. The Highlighted Products module allows you to choose on which positions to show your product recommendations. Your visitors will be seduced into viewing more beautiful products, starting from your home page. You can use these product recommendations in mailings. Setting up recommendations can be done manually, or using your sorting rules.

Up and cross selling

The Up and cross selling module allows you to show product recommendations on your product detail pages. This could be alternative or additional products, depending on the selected product. Help your visitor to complete their outfit or find a better alternative for their product. Set up your own business rules, based on properties and sorting rules. Up and cross selling can be used in mailings.

Personal recommendations

Your visitors search for a lot of products, but what if you start recommending the products that they need before they even search for them? The Personal recommendations module offers your customers recommendations based on their past behaviour. You'll recommend the right products using machine learning and rules that you can set up yourself. Users will even recieve personalized recommendations in their current session. This module is easily integrated in mailings.

Essential in online merchandising

Smart recommendations are essential in your online merchandising strategy. Research shows that recommendations cause 10 to 30 percent of turnover in webshops. On Amazon, it's even 35 percent. Well-executed recommendations seduce your customer into buying more products at a higher order value.

You're in charge!

With Tweakwise Navigator, you're in charge of every module. Arranging recommendations is very easily done in Tweakwise Navigator based on your own business rules. You can use your products' properties or the optimal sorting of your products. The module allows you to take for example popularity, availability or actuality into account in your merchandising. This way, you'll always show your customers the most relevant and actual product suggestions. All of this is easily done from our Navigator environment.

Which growth phase?

The Recommendations module is a collection of features in the Growth and Industry leader packages. You'll be using the Personal recommendations feature in the Industry leader package.

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