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Show your visitors the best and most relevant search results in no time: you can do it with our Site Search module. In this module, you can manage your search results. Choose from and compile various intelligent search algorithms that suit your product range and determine which properties should be searched. Show product and search query suggestions, take stock into account, auto-correct spelling and search content pages. It's all possible in Tweakwise Navigator. While only 10 to 20 percent of visitors use the search feature, those visitors have a conversion rate 5 times as high as the others. A fine search engine will contribute to a 40 to 50 percent increase in turnover!

Instant search

Your visitor only wants one thing: to quickly find the right results. The instant search module delivers. It will show results starting from two typed characters. Your visitors won't have to wait for their results and will proceed to buy their desired product sooner. Your business and merchandising rules will be incorporated in the instant search module. You can even manage your filtering for search results in the instant search module! This variation on our search feature is only available in the starter package and will get your webshop off to a flying start. It's different from our advanced Search API. The advanced search algorithms from our API do however work in the instant search feature.

Search API

The Site Search module for the growth and industry leader packages is an advanced Search API. While your customer starts to type, the API shows text and product suggestions. At the same time, it corrects spelling errors and typos to ensure correct results. Next it will search through the advanced algorithms to find the most relevant results. Our Search API is suited for webshops in all sizes: from humble to giant.


The search engine shows intelligent suggestions and autocompletes queries to make searching as convenient as possible for your visitors. The suggestions work on various levels: brands, product series, categories, and even content. Your visitors won't have to type any more characters and will search your shop very efficiently. The list of suggestions will be filled automatically based on historic search. Managing synonyms and redirects is made easy in the Navigator environment. Lead your visitors from, for example, 'cardigan' to the 'tops' category. If you'd like to exclude certain suggestions, you can place them on the blacklist. If you'd like to show certain suggestions first, you can set up suggestions manually.

Smart, real-time reports

In the Navigator environment, you will find valuable, real-time reports on search queries. You'll find statistics on how often your visitors search for categories or brands. Based on these data, you can design and manage your search results in a smart way. Your customers will find what they're looking for even faster, leading to higher conversion rates!

You're in charge!

With Tweakwise Navigator, you're in charge of every module. You determine which products are shown on the result page and prioritize them. Take stock into account or push certain discounted products. You can create redirects for searching content pages and set up synonyms for various words with the same meaning.

Which growth phase?

The Onsite search module is available to all growth phases. Begin using the Instant search feature in the Starter phase and grow towards our advanced Search API.

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