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Tweakwise is your partner in optimizing all aspects of your webshop. Start your Tweakwise journey with the Site Search solutions, preparing your shop for the real deal using the instant search module. Starting from Merchandising, things will really get interesting: use our advanced Search API to let your visitors find what they're looking for. Sort and filter your product range in smart ways and watch that conversion rate go! Offer your visitors automatic and manual recommendations from the Recommendations solution. The Personalization solution will really level up your shop to new heights: connect all the features into a conversion rate optimizing unity.

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Site Search

Our lightning fast search engine offers the best and most relevant results for your visitors. The search feature corrects spelling automatically and allows you to add in synonyms and redirects. Taking stock into account, pushing products, searching content pages: it's all possible. Use valuable reports in the Navigator environment to optimize your webshop.

Tweakwise Site Search

Show the right products on your category pages and watch your conversion skyrocket! Tweakwise gives you all the tools to manage the optimal order of your products. Use parameters such as margin, sales, stock, conversion rates and click-through rates to compile multidimensional formulas. Design your own set of filters for every category and use checkboxes, sliders, icons and color boxes to make them work and lead them to the right products with Guided Selling dialogs.

Tweakwise Merchandising

Research shows that recommendations ensure ten up to thirty percent of sales in webshops. Well-executed recommendations seduce your customers into buying more at higher values. Highlight products on your home, category, and landing pages and manage up and cross-selling in your shopping cart in Tweakwise.

Tweakwise Recommended

Everyone agrees that personalization is the next big step in e-commerce optimization. Tweakwise gives you a few standard solutions but doesn't limit your ideas and abilities. New ideas and specific wishes are easily implemented to ensure that your platform is ready for future developments. It's machine learning, but without hazy algorithms to believe in. Total transparency!

Tweakwise Personalization
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